Improve your health through Vibration, Music & Yoga.

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Strengthens your immune system

With a combination of yoga, meditation practices and vibroacoustics

Destress your body

The vibrations act on your muscles, organs and balance your heart rate

Efficient anti-depressant

Subsonic frequencies have shown to be an efficient treatment against depression and anxiety

Our services

Utilizing a synthesis of ancient practises and modern technology, we provide experiences with the aim to offer relaxation and connect your body, mind and spirit.


Price: Free – Every sunday at 15:00 and 16:00

Make yourself a gift and have a taste of the relaxing wonders of our Vibroacoustic Sound Massage with this free Introduction Session.

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Vibroacoustic Sound Massage (VSM)

Price: 150 kr. – Every Thursday at 20:00

Multi-sensorial live performances, experienced on a vibroacoustic floor that massages body and mind into the most relaxed, de-stressed and present state of being.

elaxing people doing vibro acoustic Sound Massage


Price: 250 kr. – Every Thursday at 20:00

Special extended Yoga session accompanied by a subtle live atmospheric-organic soundscape, that ends with a Yoga Nidra relaxation and a Vibroacoustic Sound Massage.

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Nature Tales
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Give wellbeingSurprise your beloved ones with a deep relaxing experience.

Vibroacoustic Private Sessions

We specially create Vibroacoustic Experiences for your particular needs and wishes as well as for groups, families, associations, businesses and institutions; according with our availability. We also offer thematic journeys and activities for team-building and team-relating.

:Listen In: Livestream Concerts Relax into the music, melt and be immersed in rich, colorful and lush electro-organic atmospheres, specially composed or curated by some of the international finest sound artists.

:Listen In:
Juan Pino & Brendan Francis

Sunday, May 17th, 20:00 Danish Time

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:Listen In:
Discoshaman & Ishtadi

Sunday, May 24th, 20:00 Danish Time

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:Listen In:
D. Tuomi

Sunday, May 31st, 17:00 Danish Time